Digital Coupon App


Other Great Features of the APP include:

* Directions with your phones GPS to the participating businesses
* QR Code Scanner to scan the QR Code Coupons and some of the participating businesses, but to use as a QR Code Scanner for any QR Codes you see.
* Handy Tip Calculator to use at any service establishment to calculate their tip
* Handy Digital Recorder that allows you to record MP3 voice notes and email them right from the app
* Digital Note Pad for keeping any notes on what you like at the business, previous orders, etc., right in the app
* Share the app with your friends from the app so they can get the deals too.

Please Review oUr FAQ and there is a spot at the bottom to ask any questions we haven’t answered.
Thanks so much!


What stores or area do you have coupons for?

Why would I want to have your digital coupon app? What does it do for me?

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